Sunday, October 18, 2009

And it goes on and on

Since I hadn't been able to figure out the picture thing, I sort of stopped taking them. We also went to BrianHead with the whole Bollard clan in September. It was the weekend of my birthday and a lot of fun. We got to stay in the coolest cabin and rented four wheelers to ride around on all weekend.

Just this last weekend, Courtney had a late night with all of her girlfriends. They ate pizza, decorated cookies, painted, made crowns, made braclets, played a ton, and watched a movie. They loved it and we may even try a sleep over next time.

We have also loved having Brian and Megan(Dave's brother and sis in law) so close to us. They got married in May and left to Texas for the summer. :( I was so sad and missed them lots. They had a house built while they were gone, in Lehi. We spend many of our nights with them!

We have been busy, continue to be busy and are loving our life. We have big plans this weekend for Dave's birthday too, so stay tuned for the post.

P. S. It won't be another 6 months before the next post!!!!

Fall Soccer

Despite the look on her face, she has loved soccer. The season ended on Saturday, where she scored her first goal. She got a trophy and everything. Dave has been making her wait to start playing sports because of her small size. She makes up for her stature in heart. She goes for the ball every time and really tries to control it and to do her best. Every one of our friends were super impressed with her. She was lucky enough to get to play with some of her best friends, the whole team was made up from the ward. She will definitely be playing again in the spring.

First Day of Kindergarten

I'm not sure when we gave Courtney permission to grow up, but she is. I used to laugh when people would say that time went too quickly and that they wouldn't be little for long. I used to not believe people when they said they couldn't remember their children as babies. I now believe everyone that has ever told me those things. Courtney is absolutely loving school. She works really hard and is already a great reader! Her teacher is the greatest and the best part about the beginning of this school year(drum roll please!) is that there was no crying. Not one tear was shed for the start of school this year. Yet another reason that we know that she is growing up. I am so happy and relieved. This is what the two painful years of preschool were for. She is absolutely the light in our life and we wouldn't trade her for all the money in the world! She makes us happy and our family complete.

Sun Valley, Idaho

When Dave first told me that he was being sent to Idaho for business, I told him that we wouldn't want to go with him. Was I ever wrong?!! This place is great. We are hoping to be able to go back next year. There was bowling in the basement of the lodge, an outdoor skating rink, deadly swans, an ice show, swimming, blow up slides, trampoline jumping, and more. We were given a gift bag when we first arrived full of tons of goodies and it just kept getting better. There was so much to do that we needed more like a week there. I guess I've always been wrong about Idaho because I would visit there again in a heartbeat!!

A Trip to Colorado

We went on a road trip with Grandma and Grandpa to visit Darron,

Kristen, Emma, and the new baby, Rosie. Courtney couldn't get enough of Rosie and had so much fun playing with Emma. We don't get to see these guys too much, so it was a real treat to get to stay with them for a few days. We hope to be able to visit again sooner than later!


Courtney loves to go swimming when it's hot, and her favorite place is Grandma and Grandpa's, of course. I'm pretty sure these little girls swam everyday.

Ali and Aubrey's Birthday Party

We were so lucky to be able to be in Las Vegas for Ali and Aubrey's Birthday. Courtney hates missing a cousin's party, so she was thrilled. It was a princess party with a real prince and princess! There were stories, candy, songs, make-up, balloon animals and much more. It was such a blast. So many people were there to help celebrate. As usual, Courtney couldn't let it be just a princess party, She insisted on a sword and holder to become a pirate! So much for my little girl.

Fourth of July

We went camping with some of our best friends for the Fourth. Although we had to for go the fireworks(they really frown on that in the forest, fires and all!), we had a great time. We love having our tent trailer to camp in.
Courtney did manage to get an injury on her bike. She layed down for awhile, then she was on her way again.

The guys decided to set up a trap for the chipmunks and squirrels. The little critters couldn't resist the food and we ended up catching 3 squirrels and 1 chipmunk. We learned our lesson after the chipmunk. Dave and Torrey think it may have been cardiac arrest but I'm not sure. The thing started running around like crazy, so they lifted the bin to let it go, and it killed over. We won't be catching chipmunks again any time soon.

Our wonderful friends, the Gardners!!!

Courtney told Torrey that he was the best boy scout ever because he was so good at starting fires.

Courtney and Megan, the best chef's ever!!