Monday, May 12, 2008

A Very Happy Mother's Day

This has been probably my best Mother's Day thus far. I love Courtney getting older and getting so excited about things. She started making a card and handprints for me at school a few weeks ago and told me that she was making something secret for me for Mother's Day. When she finally brought it home, she hid it under her bed. She couldn't wait for Mother's Day to come. She and Dave got me a card, roses, a mini flower pot to grow sunflowers, and an alarm clock with a cd player and speakers. She kept hugging me all day saying, "Happy Mother's Day"! It was also the very first time she got to get up with the primary kids to sing a song to all the mothers. She is getting so big! I have to express how much I love being a mother. Most days seem hard and like I have not accomplished anything but I love Courtney so much. She is the light and joy in my life and I couldn't ask for more than to be a mother. Happy Mother's Day everyone!