Thursday, September 16, 2010

Soccer Ends

Courtney and Garrett
Courtney and the coach, Adam, and his son Kade

Giving a team cheer

Look at all that hair!

I'm going to begin where I left off in June. Apparently we have been so busy having fun all summer that I didn't feel the need to post anything. Lots of posts to come. I promise. Courtney played spring soccer and wasn't too happy about the crazy Utah weather. Some days were so hot, the kids looked like they were playing in slow motion. Other days, like pictured above, were so cold that we had tons of whining about not wanting to be on the field. Overall, I think it was very fun. Unfortunately, all of the little boys that she usually plays with are switching over to flag football. That means she doesn't really have a team anymore. She wants to do gymnastics instead!