Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let the baking begin

I was delighted to learn that this year I wouldn't have to do all the baking myself. Dave and Courtney were so excited to help me. I thought I had struck the lottery. I mean, for 5 years I have done everything on my own.
I thought it was going to be so great. Then Dave told my he just wanted to make cinnamon rolls for everyone. The best part about holiday baking is that you get to make such a wide variety of everything. Then I got to thinking, it will be much easier to stick with one item. Cinnamon rolls are soooo good anyway, people would love it.
Then we started the whole 4 hour process. At first the two were so excited to do whatever I asked, but I realized it was just faster to do it all myself. Then they got specific assignments, rolling the dough and adding the cinnamon and sugar.

Then they started to want to do other things, because it was taking forever. By that time, I desperately needed their help. It all came together though and our friends were able to enjoy a delicious treat. I had to put this picture up to remind anyone not living close enough to receive some, move closer! Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.

Snow much fun!

We have actually been enjoying the snow this season. I usually dread it and wish I lived somewhere warmer when we get snow, but this year has been different. Maybe it's because I have a daughter now old enough to enjoy the wonder of it. Maybe it's because my nieces and nephew were here and loved it.
I would have to say that it is probably because it has snowed on the weekends, when we can just stay inside by the fire, drinking hot chocolate, and spend time together as a family. I don't know who gets more excited to go out into the snow, Dave or Courtney.
Dave finds shoveling the snow relaxing. Relaxing? That would be the last word on the planet I would use for the task. Another great reason to snow on the weekend, Dave goes out to shovel. I remember endlessly shoveling snow last year and how much it hurt my back.
We do have some pretty high tech neighbors. Some have snowblowers and some even have four wheelers with plows on the front. It's pretty fun to wake up to them plowing the roads and sidewalks in the morning. Courtney also likes to help. Since she couldn't find another shovel, she used one of our spades to help her dad shovel. She likes to think she does more of the shoveling than Dave. Cute, isn't it?
All in all, it has really put us in the Christmas mood to have so much snow this time of year. We usually have to wait for it and don't end up getting any until January or February. It makes the streets and houses look pretty and bright.