Sunday, January 31, 2010

Annual Snowboarding Trip

Dave's friends from high school always come to Utah for a snowboarding trip around January or February. They had a big group this year and we had about 5 people staying here with us. They snowboarded all day Friday and Saturday. They always love getting together and have a great time. The bonus was that Dave didn't even get hurt! Can you believe it? I was so glad he didn't come back with some crazy injury.


My friend makes these hats and Courtney has been wanting them so badly. I finally ordered them and she was super excited when they came in the mail. She can't wear them to school but as soon as she gets home, she puts one on. We ordered brown and black and they have removable flowers so they match all her outfits. I found her like this in bed last week and had to take a picture. I think she likes them! She would wear it all the time if she could. Thank you, Jamie, for the cutest hats ever!!

Courtney's First Hair Cut

Courtney has been wanting to cut her hair for about a year. For those of you who don't know, Dave hates short hair and forbids Courtney and I from getting it cut. She has been adamant about it, so Dave finally decided to let her do it. She knew exactly how she wanted it. I told the hairdresser that I wanted it to be able to still be put in a ponytail, but she said it needed to be shorter. She loves it and says it's exactly the way she pictured it being! She is even fine with me round brushing it everyday. Dave actually agreed that it's cute but still doesn't like it because he said it makes her look way too old. I agree that she looks older, but she is going to be six in June, so she's going to grow up regardless of how we cut her hair. She is already asking when she can go get it cut again!