Sunday, April 18, 2010

First lost tooth

Courtney has been waiting for the day when she would lose her first tooth. Her bottom one has been loose for so long! It had been dangling for awhile but both she and Dave were scared to have me pull it out. We were at some of our friend's house for dinner(the guy just happens to be a dentist) and they convinced her to let me try to pull it out. She gave me one try only! It came right out, she didn't even realize it had come out. She told me that I could try one more time. I showed her the tooth and she was so happy. She was even happier to get a whole dollar from the Tooth Fairy. Her dad and her argued about the amount. Dave said he only used to get a quarter but I think inflation had something to do with the dollar. She doesn't have any other loose teeth but can't wait to lose more.

School Spirit

A few weeks back, Courtney's school celebrated a spirit week. There was tie day, slipper day, hawaiian day, and disco day. Courtney loved dressing up and having a little variety in her uniform life. She made me take these pictures because she thought she looked so cute!

St. Patrick's Day

We are lucky enough, or unlucky, have leprechauns visit us every year. This year they were not as bad as they have been in years past. They left lots of green things for Courtney! Then I made green shamrock pancakes for breakfast. I had really good intentions to make a green dinner too but with Dave working and a great deal from Chick-fil-a, we decided to go out for dinner. Courtney also had leprechauns visit her classroom at school. They made a huge mess and left footprints everywhere. It was a fun day for everyone!

Deja vu

For those of you who have been following our blog for awhile, we are no strangers to water. We just can't seem to stay away from it. Clear back in February (I know I'm really behind), we had a flood in our home. It was a seeminly quiet President's Day. Courtney was home from school, grandma was here visiting, and Dave had a bad headache. He didn't want it to turn into a migraine, so he decided to get in the bath. This was about 8 in the morning, so I was still trying to sleep. I was rudely interupted when Courtney came and woke me up screaming that water was coming out of the fan. I told her that she wasn't making sense and where was water coming out and what fan. She proceeded to show me (I don't know where she gets her dramatics from) by twirling her finger in the air and screaming, "You know what a fan is!" I was starting to get the picture. I ran downstairs to see a stream of water coming out of our ceiling fan light. I went upstairs to tell Dave to turn the bath water off. He did and then pulled the plug out. As the water started to drain, we heard a blood curdling scream. Apparently the draining water had made the water flow even faster. Dave replugged the drain and got downstairs. He was trying to find where the leak was coming from, by ripping apart my ceiling. I wasn't so sure about his tactics but in the end, he found out the the tub drain was leaking. We had to call a restoration company and get everything dried out. This process took about a week. Then we had to get people to put up sheetrock, paint, and replace our carpet. Our house was pretty much out of commission for more than a few weeks. I have to say, for the first few days, it was great. I couldn't cook in the kitchen, there was no reason to clean. Courtney loved eating McDonald's in our bedroom while watching tv. It got old really fast though. In the end, we ended up changing some of our paint colors and got the carpet we've always wanted. We love the way it turned out and are even happier that we are back in one piece!