Thursday, February 15, 2007


Ok, I finally get around to doing mine. I figure that if everyone else can let people know these strange things about themselves, I can too.

I have to get ready for the day and ready for bed in the exact same way every day. I cannot, say, brush my teeth before washing my face before bed.

I will not go anywhere without doing Courtney's hair.

I will not eat shredded meats at mexican restaurants.

I have to have a clean house. Like Jamie, everything may not be organized exactly right, but it has to have the appearance of being clean.

I love Costco. I could go everyday and never get tired of it.

I secretly love to bite my nails because Dave hates it.

I think I like playdates better than Courtney does.

Also like Jamie, I have to examine every piece of chicken I am preparing. Most of the time I end up throwing out more than I use. And along those same lines, I only buy the best beef. I can't stand having to drain meat.

I have to buy things if I think they are a good deal. I figure at some time in my life I will be able to use them.

I'm sure there are so much more, but I don't want to loose all my friends. Now I am officially tagging Darron(and Kristen) and Audra. Let's hear about what makes you guys tick.