Sunday, March 02, 2008

About Me

Thanks a lot Jenni, for tagging me. I'm sure people don't need to know what I'm really like, but I'll post it anyway because I sure had fun reading Jenni's.

Ten years ago:
I was just ending my junior year of high school. I know this may be a shock to some but I guess I'm younger than I think.

Five places I have lived:
I was born in American Fork, Utah. I then moved to St. Charles, Missouri. When I was eight we moved 45 minutes away from San Fransico, California to a little town called Petaluma. When I was in seventh grade we moved back to American Fork, Utah, where I stayed until going to college in Cedar City, Utah. I got engaged and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. Then we moved to Lehi, Utah and now are in Riverton, Utah. Ok, more than five places, but now you know. I don't plan on moving anytime soon from here.

Five things on my to do list:
Send an email about Bunco, scrap my trip to the Dominican Republic, clean my house and wash the sheets for my company coming, laundry, and finish reading all of the Harry Potter books.

I enjoy:
Spending time with my family, going out with my girlfriends, serving others, teaching young children, scrapbooking, quilting, writing, and reading.

Three bad habits:
I check my email at least ten times a day, I am a yeller and have been trying to do less of it, I used to bite my nails but hopefully won't do that anymore.

Five things you might not know about me:
I want to write a novel and have it published, I like to work because it makes me feel productive, I love to shop for food, I like to make homemade bread and lastly, I love cotton candy ice cream(although some people tell me to be a grown up and get something real!)

Five jobs that I've had:
I have always loved to baby sit, so I did that and also nannied. I worked at McDonald's for 2 miserable weeks. I have worked in many daycare centers, mostly teaching preschool age kids but I also once did the tiny babies. I taught preschool in my home for years. I am currently a Realtor.

What will be going on in ten years:
This is a hard one for me because Dave and I often discuss how plans never work out but here goes anyway...
Courtney will be 14, Dave will be 42(ouch), and I will be 37. Hopefully I will have some more children too. We will hopefully still be here in this wonderful neighborhood. I would like to be working, doing something I love and am passionate about. I hope I'm still in touch with all of my good friends. I would like to have seen more of the world and have taken Courtney on some pretty amazing trips.

That's it for me. Now the fun part, I tag Audra, Mindy, Tori, Jamie Benich, Jamie Young, Angie, Heidi, Danielle, Lindsay, Brittany and Tara.