Monday, March 05, 2007

Painting, Baths, and Hair

Courtney is definitely ready to start preschool. Her favorite thing to do these days is water paint. She will usually make about 15 pictures each time she sits down to paint. She likes to make them, "for all the people." I'm not sure who all the people are but they are sure lucky. She uses each and every color and never mixes them together.
Bathtime has become a favorite part of the day for us all. I get a break while Dave watches her in the bath. She puts in all her toys and plays for nearly an hour. Lately she has been trying new things in the bath. We have been talking to her about swimming lessons this summer, so she now blows bubbles in the water and just recently started laying in the water with her ears under water. This is a big accomplishment for her. It used to scare her to death to have her ears under the water. Now she tells us she is ready for swimming lessons because, "I am big girl." Now we just have to work on her grammar.

I took this picture just so people would believe me when I say that Courtney has long hair. Although it springs up into tight curls and it looks as if it never gets longer, it does. It just gets curlier the longer it gets. In truth, her hair is pretty long.