Friday, July 04, 2008

San Francisco

We recently went on a trip to San Francisco with the Bollard family. We were able to meet Dave's parents there and visited Dave's brothers who are there selling security systems. The cousins had such a good time together. It was so much fun.

A Very Pirate Birthday

A pirate ship that she plays with all the time. They attack her My Little Ponies.
She broke the pinata open and said it was her favorite part of the party.
Matthew taking a swing.
Picking up all the candy.
Do we look like pirates yet?
The great cake topper Dave made.
Making pirate swords and hats.
My little pirate.
Cousin, Brayden, as a pirate.
Opening presents.

Courtney was adamant about having a pirate birthday this year. I kept telling her no. I was dreaming of her friends coming dressed up like little princesses and giving jewelry out as party favors. I finally realized that she should have what she wants and I agreed to the pirate party. I got into after that. I made invitations for all of her friends and started buying everything pirate. The party really came together when I decided to go for a red and black theme. I got a treasure chest and filled it with everything pirate and had a treasure hunt. They also made pirate hats and swords. Of course, we had to have a pinata, which was a big hit. They also had hot dogs, strawberries, tator tots, cake and ice cream. Dave made the awesome treasure map to put on top of her cake. We also have to thank Grandma Bollard for coming and helping with the party and keeping Courtney entertained while I got everything ready. I think it was a great party but I can't believe my baby is four. I know that sounds so lame to say, but it's so true. When did she become this independent, opinionated little girl. She is already so giving and loving and I know she will only continue to become better and better and she grows up.

Preschool Graduation

Courtney had such a great year of preschool. She was definitely a crier for most of the year but she loved her teacher, Miss Heidi so much. She had such a good time making friends and learning this year. Her end of year program was so cute. They all sang about 15 songs and it was as cute as ever. If you notice the band-aid on her chin it's because she had a horrible experience right before we left for graduation. It was 15 minutes until we had to leave and we were right on schedule, something I have to do. As Courtney was sitting down to eat before we left, she fell and hit her chin on a chair. I thought it was going to be split open but when I looked at it, it was only bleeding but she was pretty upset. We barely made it to the graduation before it started and she was so upset that she didn't want to stay with her class. Luckily, she changed her mind. She had definitely been looking forward to this program. She had the chance to go to Las Vegas with Grandma Johnson, spend some time with her cousins and come back to Utah with Grandma Bollard but she turned it all down to get to be there for the program. We are so proud of her!

A Family Party

Courtney had a birthday party with the Johnson family before her actual birthday and thought it was just great. She was so excited to be able to blow out her candles all by herself. She considers herself extremely old because she is now four. She loved all of her presents but especially her new Kung Fu Panda. We had just seen the movie the day before. She also loved getting her fishing pole and loves going fishing with Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle Kip.