Monday, January 14, 2008

Where's my baby?

As I was at the dentist with Courtney today, I started to think back. Here she was, being so brave, while the dentist was drilling in her mouth and I was thinking back to when she was a baby.
Was she really ever so small that she didn't fit in her car seat? I honestly cannot remember her being so tiny. She was almost eight pounds when she was born. She was a big baby compared to most in my family.
I remember her first smiles and her taking every second of my day. Dave would ask what I got done in a day and I would say, "Nothing. I don't know what I did all day but she took up all my time."
She is so independent now. She thinks she needs to do everything herself. She answers the phone, gets herself dressed, plays with friends all the time, and even has a chore chart to earn allowance.
So I seriously ask you, where did my baby go? How did she go from this tiny, sweet, perfect little newborn, to an independent, adorable, stubborn, bossy, and wonderful child?