Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Lauryn's Luau

Courtney's cousin, Lauryn, turned 7 last week. Courtney went to the "luau" and had lots of fun! They started with a relay race, then tried to stomp out each other's balloons. After that they played pin the petal on the flower and of course, there was a pinata(the real reason Courtney loves parties). They had cake and ice cream and opened presents. It was a lot of fun for everyone. Thanks Shannon, for such a great party!

A Day at the Zoo

Dave thought a day at the zoo would be fun for the family last Saturday. Boy was he right! The weather was perfect and most of the animals were out. We had lots of fun!

The Jazz Bear

Although Courtney loves going to the Jazz games, they usually go something like this: "Can those guys get off the court so that the Jazz bear can come out!" Needless to say, we never actually get up close and personal with the Jazz bear. When we saw him on a street corner meeting fans Courtney ordered, "Turn the car around Mom. We have to see him." So this is her, meeting her favorite bear.