Sunday, October 24, 2010

24th Celebration in Monroe

We had so much fun! We went down to Monroe, Utah(yes, it's a real town) for the Pioneer Day celebration. My sister in law is from there and her parents let us stay with them. Sparklers in the backyard.
Megan decided that the girls needed a good, old fashioned water fight during the heat of the day. It felt good to be cool.

Pretty soon everyone just ended up in the little pools that were set up to get water from.

Megan was getting Bob badly, so Brian decided she needed to be taught a lesson!

Having so much fun!!!

Megan and Bob in the middle of a war.

We got to ride on a firetruck at the carnival.

Courtney really wanted to ride this homemade wheel of fun. It looked questionable but they had a good time.

The girls were loving that they got to ride a horse. I guess it was worth the $3 a ride.

Going down the blow up slide!!

It was so hot at the parade that the water was a welcome relief.

Megan's mom had these fabulous hats for the girls to stay shady.

Popsicles at the parade!!!!!!!