Monday, October 08, 2007

Kangaroo Zoo

We were pleasantly surprised to have my brother, Brent, and his kids come for a visit. Friday night my two nieces spent the night with us and Courtney had so much fun! One is only five weeks older than Courtney and the other is five. They played babies all night and then all slept together in the guestroom.

The next day we were supposed to go to a pumpkin patch but since it was raining, snowing, and about 30 degrees, we decided on an indoor activity.

Courtney loves this place. It's called Kangaroo Zoo and has all sorts of inflatable slides to play on. You can see that Dave even got in on the action. After playing for a few hours my nieces and nephews needed a massage from this chair. We had tons of fun seeing all the family!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese

Courtney went to her first, official, friend birthday party on Friday. It was at the ever wonderful Chuck E. Cheese. She really did have a great time. She loved the rides and also the games that won her some tickets.
When she saw Chuck E. she was so excited. She kept asking if we could go over and say hi and get a picture. She kept standing right by him. He kept tripping over her. She hugged him tight and he even gave her a free token!
This is little Ava, little sister to the birthday girl. She did not want Courtney holding her back, as you can see. She is 18 months old and Courtney loves to be a little mom to her.
This is Brinley, the birthday girl! Courtney remembered her saying how much she loves these giant coloring books, so she had to get it for her.
Of all the prizes a girl could pick, she picks the goofy eyes glasses. Nice. Thanks Brinley and Karinne for a great party.