Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Happiest Place On Earth

It really is the happiest place on earth for us. Well, when I say us, I pretty much mean Courtney and I. Dave does not think that walking around for 10 hours a day is a vacation, but you couldn't get me out of the place. We had so much fun! It was even more fun because Dave's brother, Brian, and his girlfriend, Megan, came with us. It was especially fun because Megan has never been before. Courtney being an old pro at Disneyland was careful to pick and choose what she really wanted. If a line was to long, she would say, "Let's just forget about this one." It was pretty funny. She did get to experience some new rides this year(yeah for getting taller!). She absolutely loved Big Thunder Mountain, Pirates of the Caribean, and the Haunted Mansion. Her favorite is still the Snow White ride. I'm pretty sure she still liked meeting characters best. I don't think anyone could have been happier than when we met Captain Jack Sparrow. She even told him that she isn't a princess, but a pirate. It was hilarious!