Sunday, November 04, 2007

Haunted Houses and Pumpkin Carving

We almost carved pumpkins this year but this is as far as we got. We kept waiting to do it with Dave but by the time he gets home at night, Courtney is beside herself with tiredness. Maybe next year we will have to do it during the day without Dad. She really did enjoy just sticking face pieces on though. She especially loved the stickers. It's probably too small to tell but she loved the ones that looked like blood.

What Halloween celebration would be complete with a gingerbread haunted house. Ours would have been except Grandma came to Courtney's rescue. It turned into a family project and was alot of fun. It did end up turning out pretty cute. The funniest part was that my niece, Ali, would only eat the candy and not put it on the house. She's 18 months old. I think that is to be expected. Courtney was very concerned about it, however, so we finally got her to put a few pieces on.

We had a very Happy Halloween. Although I didn't know that Halloween was such an exhausting holiday, it was so much fun. I don't think holidays are much fun without a child to help you remember how special they really are. Courtney and Dave went out trick-or-treating while I passed out the goods. We figure we had close to 100 kids come by, which is an all time record for us. Hope everyone else had an equally as enjoyable Halloween!