Wednesday, August 01, 2007

A Fun End of Summer

We have been having so much fun that I haven't even had time to post anything in forever. Let me give a quick overview of our past couple of weeks. It all started two weeks ago when Grandma and Grandpa Bollard came for a visit. We went to Liberty Park that night to feed the ducks and play. Courtney had a great time. We were also able to get some great pics of her with her grandparents and family pics as well. She loved playing on the playground but was very sad that the water had been turned off for the day. She had so much fun climbing a huge hill and rolling down it. All the fun ended when she decided to run down the hill instead. Her legs couldn't go as fast as they needed to and she ended up face planting at the bottom. On the way home from the park, we got to see Dave, Brooke, and baby Boston. Courtney refers to him as her baby Boston and even told his grandma that he was indeed Courtney's and not Grandma Robyn's. We got to go to the Junction in Ogden Friday. Dave had a new theater open up there and there is lots more to do too. We played arcade games, played on the slide, played miniature golf, as well as going to a movie. It was lots of fun. Do you think we were exhausted by Saturday? No, not us. We decided that we should take a day trip to Lagoon. Courtney loves the rides and kept wanting to ride the ones that she was too small for. She did get really good at bumper cars though. We also spent part of our time there at the waterslide park. And again, we got to see Dave, Brooke, and Boston. After getting home later that evening, Wendy and I went to a movie while Bob and Dave took Courtney to the park for more fun. They had a water gun fight.

Sunday was sad for Dave. Courtney and I went back to Las Vegas to spend the week with the grandparents. On Monday, Aubrey Rose Bollard was born. We were so happy to be able to be there for the birth. She is a beautiful baby. We got to help watch my niece, Ali, while Mom and Dad were in the hospital. We visited everyday. We also had the opportunity to visit my brother and his girls. The oldest, Ellee, decided to put makeup on the two little girls. I had to laugh and take pictures. Courtney almost learned how to swim. Grandma is a good teacher. She spent most of her time there in the pool. On Saturday, Dave got there in the morning and we were all able to spend time together. It was a lot of fun because Dave's whole family was there. Courtney was also spoiled to death by Grandma, and her surrogate grandma's, Betsy and Robyn. We are finally home and Courtney starts preschool next week.