Thursday, January 11, 2007

My Trip to Denver

This past weekend I flew to Denver, more accurately, Castle Rock, Colorado to see my new niece Emma and be there for her blessing. It was a quick trip but a lot of fun. I flew in on Saturday just before noon and got home Sunday around 10pm. Of course, I made the most of my time there by holding Emma every chance I got. She is so adorable, as you can see, and a laid back baby. In case any of you are wondering, there was alot of snow. And in Castle Rock, the city does not plow roads that aren't considered main roads. Luckily we were all fine driving down the streets. It did seem weird that every store was sold out of snow shovels and ice melt though. Do the people there need to plan a little better? Yes!

She sleeps a lot but I got most of these pictures in on the rare occasion that she was awake. Besides seeing my brother, Darron, and his wife, Kristen, I also got to get more familiarized with the Alley clan. That is, Kristen's side of the family. They were so much fun to be with! We had a blast. We stayed up until 2am playing games on Saturday. It was a good thing Courtney wasn't there because I slept in.

Even though it was alot of fun to get to see my brother and his family(and to have time to myself), I did love coming home to a husband and child that missed me at home.