Thursday, February 01, 2007

Play, play, play

With the arrival of the new baby, Courtney has had the opportunity to play with her cousins more than usual. Here is her cousin, Brayden, who is about 2 months younger than her. They have so much fun playing together. It is amazing to me that children are so easily entertained. They spent much of their time together chasing one another around the tent and trying to scare each other. They also chase each other around with a stroller and crash into each other. They do it for hours and seem to love every minute of it. The good news for me is that it is actually easier for me to get things done when Courtney has a playmate over. She doesn't bother me at all, but the poor kids she plays with... well, you might imagine what she does to them. Also pictured here is her with her new favorite drink. It is grape Propel fitness water, but she refers to it as,"Daddy's drink." She is also doing her crazy eyes impression. For those of you who have not experienced it in person, it is kind of disturbing. Her dad, of course, loves for her to do it and got this rare picture of it. Next time you see her, ask her to do her crazy eyes.