Sunday, November 12, 2006

Disney On Ice

Courtney's new favorite thing to do is paint her nails and put on makeup. She asks me to paint her nails all the time. This has been exciting for me because she has never let me up to this point. It is a fun activity for us to do together. She will put on gallons of lip gloss if I'm not careful.
Next week, unfortunately, we will not be able to post anything. We will be in Guatamala. We are going for a week with the Bollards. Dave's younger brother, Brian, recently returned from a mission there and will guide us around. Courtney had her suitcase packed on Sunday(even though we aren't leaving until Wednesday). She's not coming with us though. She gets to stay here with Grandma and Grandpa Johnson. She brings her suitcase with her everywhere she goes, throughout the house and can't wait to go.

Dave recently made rails for Courtney's new bed and got it all put together. During the day, she loves her bed. She wants to look at it and tells everyone how her Dad fixed it. Night, is a whole other story. She asks for her crib constantly. She hasn't been sleeping as well as she used to, so we're hoping she gets used to it or else the crib is going back up(and we really don't want to do that).

We had a great time at Disney on Ice. Courtney has know that we were going for over a month now and has asked if we were going every single day. Time is a hard concept for her, everything is "two days" away. She was a little disappointed that Mickey didn't stay out on the ice the whole time, but she enjoyed it.