Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Our new house

Since we finally got the front yard landscaped and per the request of several people, I am posting some pics of our house. We have been really happy with it and I hope to stay here for several years. Dave seems to think that we should be moving every 3 to 5 years but I am hoping that doesn't happen. This area is so nice and our ward and neighbors are really great. Courtney loves playing outside with all of the kids. We have loved everyone around us. An added is bonus is that we have a babysitter that lives right next door to us(if that isn't a dream come true, I don't know what is).
I was even able to convince Dave that we needed to plant some flowers to make our yard look nice. We were able to get some planted and so far, they are still alive. There have definitely been some close calls to killing them but now we are very dilligent in our watering.
I also have to mention something that has nothing to do with our house. We are so thrilled to have the Utah Jazz in the western conference finals. I do not believe they can beat San Antonio but we're still rooting for them. Anyway, it has been a fun and exciting time for us here in Salt Lake. Go Jazz!

Courtney(of course!)

We got an idea from a friend, to straighten Courtney's hair one day. I really wanted to do it so that people could see how long her hair really is. I decided that she is really lucky to have curly hair because she has more cowlicks than I could count and her hair just goes kind of crazy anyway. Also, after her nap, the bottom was all curled up in ringlets again because she had sweat in her sleep a little. It was fun to do for one day but we'll just keep it curly for now.

One of Courtney's all time favorite presents was from her Uncle Craig. It is a purple, plush piggy bank. It makes a sound every time a coin is dropped in the slot. She loves to find money and put it in her bank. She has made a lot of money for an almost 3 year old! She doesn't like to empty it and cash it in though. She would rather have her piggy full of money.
She also has a new favorite pastime that must come from her father. She loves to play video games on the computer. Her games are actually educational, unlike her Dad's, but she loves them all the same. It amazes me that children so small and young have the ability to know what they're doing on a computer. She will sit down and play for about 30 minutes and does it all by herself. She is very proud of herself when she plays. She also told me that her Dad can't play on the computer anymore because it's always going to be her turn.

Fun in the Sun

I have to apologize for being such a slacker lately. I know that most of you can't live unless you know what's going on in our lives, so I'll have a couple of posts today. Mother's Day weekend, we had the chance to go to Las Vegas for a quick trip. Dave has an aunt that received her endowment and got sealed to her husband, so we had to be there for that. It was great to see them being sealed for eternity and being in the temple. We were also blessed to see both Trent and Sean with their wives in the temple, which was nice because we were only in town for one day. We always wish our trips could be longer so that we could visit everyone on our list.

After the temple ceremony, us girls were blessed to be able to go out and get pedicures as our Mother's Day presents. We loved it, of course, and enjoyed a little relaxation. It was so hot in Vegas that we decided it was a perfect day for swimming. Courtney has decided that she loves to swim, so it made the whole trip worth it for her.

We have been having some pretty nice weather in Utah since our trip and Courtney loves to play outside. She has finally learned how to pedal her small bike and loves to ride it around. The only problem is that she has the smallest bike in the neighborhood and doesn't like it. She's always asking for a new bike. The only problem now is that she wants a power wheel instead of a bike. A lot of the kids on our street own one and she doesn't want to be left out. Unfortunately for her, it's just the small bike for her for now. But it seems to be better than being inside.