Saturday, October 22, 2011


Katelyn Ava Bollard! I guess since she is now a month old, it's time for us to introduce her to the world. She was born on September 21 weighing 6lbs 13 oz and 19 1/2 inches. She is now a good, plump 9lbs 8 oz. She was born in Cedar City and we are so grateful to her birthparents for allowing us to add her to our family. We couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas

Courtney has been hoping a praying to lose her two top teeth before Christmas and almost got her wish. She finally lost one(and by lost I mean her Dad yanked it out with some tears) and couldn't be happier about it. She now says she looks like a dork. Little does she know it will look much worse once her adult tooth replaces it. Awkward phase, here we come!

Anya Johnson

We were blessed with another baby in my family earlier this month. She is simply adorable and perfect. She has tons of hair, as you can see, and we are so happy to have her in our family. Congratulations Kip and Kaleigh!

Disneyland Again

Okay, so if you don't realize it by now, We LOVE Disneyland!!! It's our favorite place to go and figure that while Courtney still loves to go on vacation with us, we should take advantage of it. In our defense, this is the first time we have ever gone just the three of us and it was a lot of fun. Here are a few of the highlights:
*Going on Splash Mountain for Courtney's first time
*Riding Tower of Terror for Courtney's first time(Candace is too scared to go on it) and loving it! She says it's her favorite ride and rode it three times in a row.
*Meeting new characters that we haven't met before like Pinocchio and Gepetto and Flynn and Rapunzel
*Of course, Meeting Mickey
*Christmas time is magical in Disneyland! It snows, there's a parade, Santa's there, Christmas trees everywhere
*Getting picked to help Andy's green army men with training
*Having her Dad paint her face and having everyone tell her how good it looked. She has the best Dad ever!
*Getting picked to dance in the High School Musical 3 show and it was the last show they ever did of that
*Finally meeting Jack and Sally. We have waited in line 3 different times that we've been there and then they leave and Courtney has been so sad that we have never got their autograph
*Visiting Pirate's Lair. Don't ask me why we haven't before when we have a daughter so obsessed with pirates but it was really fun!
*Pin trading. Seriously so much fun. Courtney loved to just look at every single worker's pins. She collected the baby pins(baby peter pan, baby abu, and so forth). They really are adorable and she spent more time pin trading than riding rides, I think.
She's hoping to be tall enough to ride Indiana Jones the next time we go. She isn't tall enough for that or Screamin California and she can't wait to ride them. We had the best time, even though is was super crowded. A pretty good Thanksgiving!

On a side note...

I just wanted to mention that we have no pictures of the first day of school. This is because my daughter just barely stopped crying going to school everyday. I figured it wasn't worth the fight for a picture when she would already wake up crying everyday. Apparently 7 hours a day is way too long for her to be without me(her words). I guess I'm a really terrible person seeing as how I was very excited for her to be in school all day. I must say though, I do miss her. When she gets home and gets her homework done, she wants to play with friends.

Also, no pictures of Halloween. I figure I'm already about 5 years behind in my scrapbooking and really we didn't need more pictures of Halloween. Dave made an awesome Jessie costume for her and she did look adorable. I know, I'm about to get nominated for mom of the year!

Dave's Birthday Celebration

We had a quiet birthday for Dave. He wanted doughnuts instead of a cake this year, so this is what I came up with. Brian and Megan came over to celebrate with us. Dave got the movie Dick Tracy from his Vegas brother which has significant meaning. Dave has toys in our garage. Among those are mint condition Dick Tracy toys. Can you say nerd? Courtney was really into making him cards and letters this year(which I think is actually his favorite thing). He also wanted a bike to go riding with Courtney, so they can have fun doing that.

I actually surprised him by convincing him that we were going to Courtney's school carnival but instead, took him to P.F. Chang's for dinner and 3rd row seats to a Jazz game. It was only a preseason game, but I can't help when his birthday is! We had a ton of fun and it was fun to be able to surprise him for once in his life. I did get him to admit that it was better than what he asked for. He asked for a night home with just me and Courtney. The game was so much better.

Candace turns the big 30

I want to say that I feel I should apologize for posting everything so late but I'm not really so I won't. My birthday was clear back in September and my awesome sister-in-law got me a new puppy. His name is Gus-gus and he is a pure bred maltese. We love him so much and he is a great dog! We've only had a few accidents and has even grown on Dave(who says he hates dogs and never wanted one).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

24th Celebration in Monroe

We had so much fun! We went down to Monroe, Utah(yes, it's a real town) for the Pioneer Day celebration. My sister in law is from there and her parents let us stay with them. Sparklers in the backyard.
Megan decided that the girls needed a good, old fashioned water fight during the heat of the day. It felt good to be cool.

Pretty soon everyone just ended up in the little pools that were set up to get water from.

Megan was getting Bob badly, so Brian decided she needed to be taught a lesson!

Having so much fun!!!

Megan and Bob in the middle of a war.

We got to ride on a firetruck at the carnival.

Courtney really wanted to ride this homemade wheel of fun. It looked questionable but they had a good time.

The girls were loving that they got to ride a horse. I guess it was worth the $3 a ride.

Going down the blow up slide!!

It was so hot at the parade that the water was a welcome relief.

Megan's mom had these fabulous hats for the girls to stay shady.

Popsicles at the parade!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Family Party

Of course, we wouldn't expect anything less than something Tinker Bell from Aunt Megan and Uncle Brian.

A big girl bike from mom and dad.

Fishing gear and a promise to go fishing from Grandma and Grandpa Johnson.

A new Webkinz!

Polly Pockets from Brent and kids.

Hair color and perfume from Bryson and family.

Toy Story 3 Barbie from Kip, Kaleigh and Cashe.

Blowing out her cupcake!!!