Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kindergarten Celebration

Last week, Courtney graduated from Kindergarten. I can't believe how fast the school year went! She has absolutely loved school. She loved everything about learning at school. She learned all about the continents, animals, ants, nursery rhymes, math, reading, and so much more. She has a great love of learning and even told me that she didn't want school to end. Grandma and Grandpa Johnson were able to come attend and it was a good celebration. We took her out to dinner before the graduation and let her choose where. She picked Cafe Rio and we were so happy that she would want to go there instead of McDonald's. She has made lots of friends and even has a little boyfriend. The summer will be fun but I look forward to her starting 1st grade next year and being gone all day. It's a love hate relationship I have. I hate seeing my baby grow up and I admit, I cried at graduation. But it's nice that she is growing up and experiencing the world and being self sufficient. We love her so much and are proud of all she has accomplished!