Monday, June 18, 2007

Courtney's 3rd Birthday!

Ok, so this post is extremely late. For some reason I have had a hard time getting my posts up. Anyway, it was Courtney's birthday on Wednesday, June 13. I cannot believe that my baby is three. We ended up having a family party the Saturday before her birthday so that everyone could come and celebrate with us.

Courtney was so excited to get presents. This is the first real time that she has understood what was going on and she was very into it. She was extremely happy to have her two older cousins, Lauryn and Brayden, there with her. She also loves, and I mean really loves, her baby cousins, Cashe and Tyler, whom she affectionately calls, "Bubbas". I guess I should stop calling them that and call them by their real names.
As you can tell, someone has a fascination with Winnie the Pooh. For all those of you that think I'm a nut, I have to say that I too never wanted my child to be in love with Disney characters. I decided that my opinion doesn't count anymore and so she got her Pooh birthday. She had to have Pooh balloons, wrapping paper, and even Pooh presents.
She also had me take on the feat of making her a Pooh cake. If any of you are wondering, yes, it is just as cost effective to buy a cake, which I found out after I started to collect everything I needed for the cake. But, I find it satisfying to say that I made it, even though it took two days to make and about 10 trips to the store.

I wanted to do something for her on her actual birthday as well but she didn't quite get it. In our house we live around who's birthday is next. So when I told her that we were going to do whatever she wanted for her birthday, she looked at me very funny and said, "Shouldn't we go to Costco." I gotta love that. Then she preceded to ask if she was having a party, if her cousins were coming over, if she was getting more presents. I told her no. She scrunched up her nose and said, "It's not really my birthday Mom. It's Uncle Darron's and Uncle Brian's." I responded, "That's right, their birthdays are next." To which I got the reply, "Mom, you're silly because you always forget the birthdays." This was followed by much fake laughter from her. I guess we got off easy with only having to celebrate once. Thank you to everyone near and far who helped make her birthday special.