Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Christmas 2006

I can't seem to do anything on time these days. In my defense, I am the first to be posting any Christmas of our blogger friends. So, we'll say I'm right on time (it will make me feel better). We had a good time being in Las Vegas. We traveled down there in undesirable conditions but made it without any problems. Because we have been so blessed with many vacations this year, Dave didn't have any time off left for the holidays. We had to head back to Utah on Christmas day. We decided that Sunday would be our Christmas day. Unfortunately, Dave got very sick. He threw up all night and all day. This picture of him is the only one we have of him. He spent the day mostly in bed. The rest of us had a great time though. Of course, Courtney is spoiled beyond belief.

Everyone gets way too much for her. By the end of the present opening, she would hand me her presents and told me to open them. We were lucky to have the whole Bollard family together. Brian (Dave's youngest brother) got home from his mission a few months ago and we were happy to have him back with us. Plus, a new baby was added, Alison, so that was fun. Especially for Courtney. She kept rubbing noses with the baby and saying, "I love my baby Ali." She loves babies and especially her cousin.
When we got home, Courtney had Santa presents waiting for her. She got to open another stocking and more presents. Of course her favorite present was a dvd that she loves and someone (I won't name any names) gave it to her first. She was disinterested in opening anything else. All she wanted to do was watch the movie. We had a great Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope this new year finds all of our friends and family happy and healthy.