Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Dave!

Dave turned 32 on Wednesday! Courtney was very excited for his birthday. She asked me about 50 times if she could help him blow out his candles. She obviously loves to blow out candles. Then she was really excited to help him open his present. It was cookies, from his mom and dad, and she thought it was the best present ever.
We had a little cake for him while his family was here last weekend. 32 candles is almost too many to put on a small cake. Dave doesn't usually get to be with his family on his birthday, so it was fun to have them here.
On his actual birthday, we made him breakfast and gave him his present from us. He is so hard to buy for but I never go wrong with giving him pictures of Courntey. We got him a picture and frame to bring to work with him. Then we got some balloons and brought them to his work. He had already gone to lunch with some of his co-workers, but they also had a cake there for him. We sang to him and had cake with the office.
Dave's family surprised him with a ping pong table for his birthday. The bigger surprise was that it came totally unassembled. It took over an hour for 5 of us to get it all put together but it was worth it. We played and had lots of fun. Dave almost has a complete game room(a dream of his). Now we just need to finish the basement.
Lastly, I have to say how much I love Dave. He is such a good husband and father. I feel grateful to be the lucky woman that he chose to spend eternity with. He works so hard for his family and never asks for anything in return. Happy Birthday, hon!