Monday, January 19, 2009

Hard Work

Dave and I have been hard at work to get the rooms ready. As we head off to Indiana to get our new baby girl, I finally feel prepared. It started with Courtney wanting to do something to her room(why should the new baby get all the fun stuff). She decided she wanted to change rooms and to paint it pink. Dave wasn't a fan of the entire room being pink, so this is what we compromised on. I think it turned out great!

Then it was on to the nursery. Of course Dave didn't want pink in another room, so again, we compromised. We were going to do brown and pink alternating, but Dave decided it would look best all brown. After getting it painted and getting the molding up, I felt it still needed something. Dave was kind enough to paint the pink flowers all the way around the room. It looks fantastic! Thanks, honey, for all of your hard work. I made the bumpers and quilt(which is still being quilted), so hopefully it will be back soon so I can post that as well. Bring on the baby!