Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Moving and Quilting

We have finally moved into our new house. Yeah!! Since we signed papers last June, we are happy to finally be in. Getting settled is a whole other story. I had to take a picture of Dave putting Courtney's bed together because he asked me why I only put pictures of Courtney up on the blog. I think it's pretty obvious why I don't want pics of me but he can have all the ones he wants. We were lucky enough to sell both of our other houses before we had to close on the new house. The bad news was that we had a week in between when we had to move out the old one and into the new one. Lucky for us, we were able to live at my parent's house for that week. We had to load up a truck and upload it into two garages(thanks Mindy and Lee, and also mom and dad). Then we had to load up the truck another time and park the truck for a week(again, thanks mom and dad). We are so thrilled to be in our new home and hope not to move for a long time. I told Dave that the next move we make will have to be done by professionals. It's too much work, and when did we accumulate all this stuff.
I like to blame it on Courtney. Does one child need so much stuff to go with her? Half of our attic was filled with her baby stuff. Honestly, for a year, we needed that much stuff? Crazy. We are getting more settled everyday and it really does feel like home. Courtney had a very hard time living at the grandparents house. That is putting it mildly. I actually thought a demon had possessed my sweet little girl, but she is back to normal now. She tells us how much she loves her new house and how she wants everyone to come see it.
During our week without a home, I was able to finally finish Courtney's quilt. That was the one good thing about it. I had a lot of time on my hands, which is extremely unusual. I was able to bind the edges so she could put in on her bed when we moved in. Don't look too closely at it because it is not perfect. I had a great time doing it though and can't wait to start my next one.