Sunday, December 17, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

We had what I would call our first big snowstorm of the year. It started snowing last night around 9pm. When we woke up it was still snowing. It snowed all day and has not stopped. Now don't get me wrong, it has been lighter at some times in the day, but nonetheless snowing nonstop for 24 hours.
Dave and Courtney decided they would go out early this morning and shovel the snow. Dave realized that he could have just waited until tomorrow morning, since the snow piled up as he shoveled. Him and Courtney had a good time anyway.
Courtney decided, after being hit with a few snowballs by her dad, that she would get him back. She kept going to spots with the least amount of snow to try to make snowballs. Not only that, she usually ended up throwing the snow at herself. She has yet to figure out how to move around with so much clothing on and especially her mittens. It is very pretty to look at but truth be told, I would rather be with the Youngs(our friends) in Arizona right now, soaking up 70 degree weather. At least Dave and Courtney had a good time.