Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Courtney's new bike

I'll keep this short and sweet because I have been getting a lot of flack from people about my posts being too long.

Courtney waited all summer to get this bike from her cousin.
I don't think her life can get much better.
She insists on riding everywhere, even across the street.

Aubrey's Blessing

After finally arriving in Las Vegas, we were able to have a great weekend. For some reason, we didn't get any pics of the little cutie. If you are dying to see her, which you should be, you can go to Dan and Danielle's blog. It is under our links. This was the first time that Courtney was amazed by
the buildings on the strip. We have driven in and out of Las Vegas countless times but this time Courtney exclaimed, "Oh my goodness. Look at that castle!" She was referring to the Excalibur.

She begged us to let her go there, so we decided it would be a fun Saturday trip. When we got there, we were pretty disappointed to find that the stage had been turned into a bar. Yes, a bar! Apparently that is where all the money is. We headed down to the game section for a little fun. Having all 3 brothers there proved to be a huge competition. Dan was gracious enough to watch all three girls while we all played the roller ball game. You know the one where you get a ball in a certain color hole and your horse moves. The first horse to the end wins. Dave and Brian were talking so much smack about who was going to win. Of course, I was cheering for Dave. I was secretly hoping I would win though. We were all surprised and amazed when the winner was declared as Danielle. She won a prize for Ali and it was lots of fun. We decided that we were roller ball experts and proceeded to spend about $10 playing a few more games of it. Unfortunately, we weren't able to win against any others.

About this time, Courtney was getting very sad, due to the fact that we hadn't seen any princesses yet. We may have told her she would see some. Luckily, Dave was able to distract her by winning a different game. The one where you throw the ball and have to knock over the milk bottles. She was so excited that her Dad won her a bear. She still has to know where the bear is at all times. To top it off, the shirt on the bear says, Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas. I don't think it gets any better than that. It was a great trip. We had tons of fun and miss seeing the fam.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Snow in September?

Ok, we weren't on top of it enough to get any pictures but we are talking full on snowing. First, we drove up the canyon to look at the leaves changing colors. We noticed the temperature dropping fast. Soon it was only 29 degrees. It was snowing like crazy. We thought when we got back down the mountain it would just be raining, but no such luck. It continued to snow and rain off and on all yesterday. I just have to say that I hate living in Utah and need to move somewhere with a warmer climate. Come on, seriously, snow in September!