Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dave's Birthday Celebration

We had a quiet birthday for Dave. He wanted doughnuts instead of a cake this year, so this is what I came up with. Brian and Megan came over to celebrate with us. Dave got the movie Dick Tracy from his Vegas brother which has significant meaning. Dave has toys in our garage. Among those are mint condition Dick Tracy toys. Can you say nerd? Courtney was really into making him cards and letters this year(which I think is actually his favorite thing). He also wanted a bike to go riding with Courtney, so they can have fun doing that.

I actually surprised him by convincing him that we were going to Courtney's school carnival but instead, took him to P.F. Chang's for dinner and 3rd row seats to a Jazz game. It was only a preseason game, but I can't help when his birthday is! We had a ton of fun and it was fun to be able to surprise him for once in his life. I did get him to admit that it was better than what he asked for. He asked for a night home with just me and Courtney. The game was so much better.

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