Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All I want for Christmas

Courtney has been hoping a praying to lose her two top teeth before Christmas and almost got her wish. She finally lost one(and by lost I mean her Dad yanked it out with some tears) and couldn't be happier about it. She now says she looks like a dork. Little does she know it will look much worse once her adult tooth replaces it. Awkward phase, here we come!


Marianne said...

I love this girl. She's welcome at my house to entertain me and Addie any time. :) (I'm not kidding!)

JT, Carly, Boston, Jocelyn and Snuggles said...

SO happy to see your blog updated! We are a bit DISNEYLAND obsessed at this household too! Love the puppy!! Can Snuggles come play? j/k Merry Christmas!

Jamie said...

Loved reading your updates! We were in Cali over Thanksgiving and were planning Disneyland but the crowds scared us off. I wish we could have atleast met up with you guys, it's been way too long! Your new puppy is freakin adorable, you do have an awesome sister in law!